Melissa Brodrick

Melissa Brodrick

Director, Harvard Ombuds Office
Ombuds, Longwood Location
Melissa Brodrick

Melissa Brodrick serves as Ombuds and Director for the Harvard Ombuds Office. In this role, she serves as an impartial and informal dispute resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to Harvard faculty, staff, students and trainees and to appointees at the affiliated institutions.  Her services include helping visitors to clarify their concerns, identify their goals and consider all of their options in managing or resolving their disputes. Melissa provides coaching in written and verbal communications, informal mediation, meeting facilitation, shuttle diplomacy and information about policies/procedures and resources. She also offers educational programs upon request.

Melissa came to Harvard Longwood Campus in 2010 with over 30 years’ experience in conflict resolution as a mediator, trainer and facilitator. She has worked in private practice, helping clients engage in effective communications and problem solving while navigating high-impact workplace and family issues. She has also worked with numerous academic institutions, health care organizations, Fortune 500 companies and other corporations, state and federal agencies, and non-profit groups. She is the recipient of numerous awards in her field and holds an M.Ed from Harvard University and a BA from Amherst College.

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