Broadcast Email Policy

Internal broadcast email is any email intended for broad student, faculty, or staff audiences outside of one’s department, whether sent directly to these audiences or via liaisons in other departments/schools.

Let us know when you are sending broadcast emails, one week in advance

If you’re planning to send a broadcast email, please consult with your local communications representative. Together, you must develop the communications and sending strategy, and as a final step, you must submit an online form to the Office of the Executive Vice President and HPAC.

This form is no longer an approval process. You are welcome to proceed with your broadcast email once you have registered your communication. We do ask that you submit your broadcast email one week prior to the planned send date. This will enable the Office of the EVP and HPAC to weigh in with any timing concerns.

Resources to optimize the outcomes of your messaging

Email is an affordable, accessible means to communicate a message to many people. However, getting your readers’ attention in a full inbox requires a good strategy. To set your messaging up for success, you may find these Harvard resources on email strategy helpful: